Classroom Training

1. Purpose of the Course

Encourage the interested to become a Barista.

2. Target Audience

Baristas, entrepreneurs and coffee lovers.

3. Programming
  • The history of coffee and coffee regions in the world and in Brazil;
  • The barista profession and the labor market;
  • Operation of the espresso machine and extraction of quality coffee;
  • Forms of preparation of the beverage;
  • Water quality, pressure and temperature;
  • Granulometry and regulation of the grinder;
  • Milk and vaporization techniques;
  • Notions of Notions of Other Methods of Preparation;
  • Hygiene and organization of the workplace.
4. Date

July 6 (Saturday)

5. Location

Center of Poços de Caldas

6. Instructor

Michele Rodrigues

7. Subscriptions

+55 35 9 9905 6531